Tachles [תַּכְלֶס] /takhles/ - "To the Point"
Hebrew-Yiddish term that succinctly conveys the idea of getting to the point, speaking plainly, and focusing on practicality

the next generation
of Cyber, Cloud and AI Unicorns
to the Sky

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Streamlining the US/EU market reach



The world's most innovative ecosystem

Tel-Aviv's startups have a 100% higher chance to make a succesfull exit and Israeli vibrant ecosystem produces more cybersecurity Unicorns than any other part of the world. Since 2015, we not only invest in Israeli early stage startups but we have our team on the ground.


Central Europe

Talents and undervalued assets

Some of the best engineers in the world are in Central Europe. We have been investing in the region since 2014 and have a strong local presence. We are looking for the next Avast or UiPath. For our Israeli portfolio companies we open the door to the European market.


United States

The world's largest B2B SaaS market

With our strong network of partners and advisors in the US we help Israeli and CEE companies to land and expand in the US market. Atlanta with its largest tech hub in the Southeast and fastest growing tech ecosystem is a perfect place to start.

Our portfolio

The next industrial revolution Unicorns start here

Meet our team

Connecting Israel, North America and Europe

David Marek

Managing Partner

Karel Tušek

Managing Partner

Robin Bienfait


Sivan Kanev


Boris Chovnik


Yaniv Bar-Zik

Legal Venture Partner

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